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Dear P.S. 72 Families and Community,

Welcome to the new home of P.S. 72 – we are excited for another school year and look forward to using this page to keep you updated on news, events, as well as shining the DFOY spotlight on parents, staff, or participants through the DFOY Agent of Change highlighted below. We also encourage you to follow DFOY on social media to see more content from our activities, along with other DFOY programs. Just click any of the social media icons on the top right of this page to follow DFOY!

We are thrilled for what’s in store, this school year. Seeking new staff members to work alongside with our returning staff, I am sure that the diversity and creativity will exceed our expectations. Our focus will be to shine a light on the many gifts and talents that our participants may not know they have and elevate the talents of those that do. With the end of the year in mind, we are looking to wow our parents, stakeholders, and community with our “Surprise Theme” Production. Keep a lookout as we reveal different hints on what our theme will be!

Please feel free to reach out at any time! I/We have included our contact information below and look forward to being in touch throughout the year.


Address: 2951 Dewey Ave, The Bronx, NY 10465

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See you next school year!

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    • Ingrid Castillo
  • Shout out to our wonderful staff person, Mrs. Ingrid Castillo, for being an outstanding individual! Always taking the initiative, Mrs. Ingrid makes it a point to go out of her way to get a job done! With English being her second language, she never lets it stop her from doing what she has to do. She’s known as the Mother Hen of our site as she is always ten steps ahead when it comes to the participants and their safety. Continue to thrive and be great!

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