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Dear PS 204X Families and Community,

Welcome to the new home of PS204X – we are excited for another amazing school year and look forward to exploring, building, and growing together. Throughout the year, PS 204 will use this page as we keep you updated on upcoming events, news, monthly parent engagements, and our DFOY Agent of Change described below. We want to invite you to follow DFOY on social media to experience activities, productions, performing arts, sports, SEL, and STEM — just to name a few. Just click any of the social media icons on the top right of this page to follow DFOY.

During this FY20, we have many returning staff! Also, we have new staff who are delighted and looking forward to showcasing all the new and exciting activities as they grow to become Agents of Change! This year we will be re-implementing our DFOY dollar incentives for participants to redeem on Fridays during DFOY Lounge. We will be hosting twelve (12) Parent Engagements, one per month (look for them on our DFOY website). Last year Our Garden was a great success, this year we are expanding and excited about planting more flowers, fruits, and vegetables. All are welcomed to join our gardening team! We will continue building and collaborating with our stakeholders and community, working together as a united team, effecting change and positivity for all. Finally, with the end of year in mind, PS 204 is ecstatic as we plan our End of Cycle 3 Spectacular Production in June 2020. Follow us on the DFOY website for more details!

Please feel free to reach out at any time! We have included our contact information below and look forward to being in touch throughout the year.


Address: 1780 University Ave, The Bronx, NY 10453

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  • We want to thank Ms. Apollonia Gordon (aka Ms. Apple), for her leadership and dedication to both the staff and participants at PS 204. We are so happy for you as you begin your new work endeavor. We wish you all the best, and you will always be a part of the DFOY family.

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