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Dear I.S 181 Families and Community,

Welcome to the new home of DFOY I.S. 181 – we are excited for another school year and look forward to using this page to keep you updated on news, events, as well as shining the DFOY spotlight on parents, staff, or participants through the DFOY Agent of Change highlighted below. We also encourage you to follow DFOY on social media to see more content from our activities, along with other DFOY programs. Just click any of the social media icons on the top right of this page to follow DFOY!

This year we have many returning team members, along with new staff who are excited to expand and improve program offerings this year. So far we have planned field trips to Barclay’s Center, scheduled Lights on Afterschool, and are already planning other events. This year we are also instituting some new policies that have already been shared with you. We will have a celebration at the end of every term for exceptional participants.

Please feel free to reach out at any time! I/We have included our contact information below and look forward to being in touch throughout the year.


Address: 800 Baychester Ave, The Bronx, NY 10475

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See you next school year!

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  • Gabrielle

    Agent of Change

    Gabrielle has really taken charge as Dance Captain. She is also my 8th-grade helper — we can rely on to help out with the younger participants

  • Jahlani

    Agent of Change

    Mr. Jahlani has shown a tremendous amount of improvement this year and takes initiative.

  • Nikki

    Agent of Change

    Ms. Nikki is always so creative with her activities and really draws the kids towards her. Her implementation is amazing!

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