Directions For Our Youth, Inc. (DFOY) serves over 2,000 youth and community residents through our program sites across the Bronx and Manhattan. Our model is at the core of our strong relationships with our partners, and allows our team to create a unique program for each community we serve.We invite you to learn more about our specific programs and visit each program’s page!
Out-of-School-Time Programs

DFOY after-school programs provide additional resources and a targeted, based curriculum to engage students in continuing their learning. In order to achieve meaningful outcomes for the youth we serve, DFOY knows continuing growth at home is key to success, which is why each of our programs encourages family participation in activities and each cycle theme.

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Middle School:
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Elementary School:
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High School and Community Programs

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Directions For Our Youth, Inc. donations go towards programs and services that prioritize the education, health, and overall wellness of children and youth.

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