Through partnerships with New York City’s Department of Education, Department of Youth and Community Development, and the New York City Housing Authority, Directions For Our Youth (DFOY) provides out-of-school-time (OST) programming and community resources to students and families in the Bronx and Manhattan.

DFOY programs are based on a hybrid model that incorporates academic enrichment activities and homework help, with recreation and the arts, to provide new opportunities and experiences to our students and families.

Our Guiding Principles

Teacher and student
Yearlong Intensive Framework:

A dedicated Content Team at each program site, along with support from our Curriculum Developer and program supervisors, provide our staff with comprehensive cycle lesson plans for each activity domain. Each activity puts participants at the center of learning, and is run for the entirety of the school year to provide deeper student engagement and skill mastery. While each program site has unique special activities tailored to participant interest and staff background, all DFOY programs focus on student engagement and creating a safe space for participants.

21st Century Citizens:

DFOY programs provide resources for 21st century success through partnerships with local, national, and international organizations. Through service-learning, participants are encouraged to examine global issues, engage in their communities, and develop their leadership skills. DFOY takes participants out of traditional academic settings and uses New York City to create experiences that enable participants to expand their horizons, think critically, and develop their own identity.

Portrait of man doing painting

With funding for the arts disappearing throughout the country and in our local schools, art, in all forms, remains an important outlet for students to cultivate creativity. Leveraging the word-class New York arts community, DFOY uses the arts as a point of entry for our STEM academic enrichment projects and learning activities. Program participants are encouraged to explore a career in the arts, join showcases, and most importantly, express themselves creatively.

Homegrown Community Investment:

Founded by New Yorkers who believed in the future of underserved communities throughout the city, DFOY leadership emphasizes the recruitment, training, and retention of qualified staff who share our vision and history. Our staff has been working with DFOY in the communities we serve for 5, 10, and even 15+ years. Our local-roots and our staff’s commitment allow our programs to build deeper relationships with stakeholders, families, partners, and most importantly, participants!

Our Program Sites

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