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Welcome to Directions for our Youth at St. Ignatius School! We are excited to share that our robust after-school programming has begun for the 2019-2020 school year. We serve students in 6th-8th grade who attend St. Ignatius School during the day. We look forward to sharing the amazing work throughout this school year!

We’re just one part of a larger organization, DFOY, which serves a number of other after school programs in a number of other schools. Click the links to follow DFOY on social media to receive updates about the incredible work going on with the amazing young people of St. Ignatius School and other schools in the DFOY family!

Address: 740 Manida St, The Bronx, NY 10474

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Quarterly Update

This fall has been a busy one for the students at DFOY @ SIS! This quarter we have been engaging participants in STEM activities, rugby, photography classes, crocheting, drawing, painting, and leadership activities. Our student council arranged an Anti-Bullying Awareness activity where participants were asked to step into the circle if they or someone they know has ever felt alone, if they or someone they know has ever been a bystander to bullying etc. This event concluded with a reflection activity where participants took a slip of orange paper and wrote down one way they actively make DFOY @ SIS a safe place. These slips were stapled together to make a chain that is now featured in our main meeting space.

  • Student Council put together a presentation

    Student Council put together a presentation to celebrate anti-bullying awareness month where we identified our similarities and differences in how we feel in programming.

  • 6th grade participants

    6th grade participants show off their links in our anti-bulling awareness chain

  • 6th grade participant

    6th grade participant shows his example of one way he can make our after school program a safer place, “I will help people if they are sad.”

  • 7th and 8th grade participants

    7th and 8th grade participants show off their links in our anti-bullying awareness chain

  • A sign made by student council

    A sign made by student council highlighting the effects that bullying can have on a community.

Events Calendar

  • Nov 26
  • Family Thanksgiving Potluck
  • Dec 11
  • Family Celebration of La Virgen de Guadalupe
  • Dec 22
  • Student Council Christmas Craze
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Agent of Change

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    Agent of Change

  • Alexis Garcia is our quarterly Agent of Change. Alexis has been a great leader for 7th and 8th-grade rugby during our after school program. He works to positively impact those around him, and encourages others to learn the rules of the game. Keep up the great work, Alexis!

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  • Rocking the Boat
  • ICP @ The Point

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