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Dear Directions For Our Youth Families and Community,

Welcome to the new home of M.S. 498 DFOY – we are excited for another school year and look forward to using this page to keep you updated on news, events, as well as shining the DFOY spotlight on parents, staff, or participants through the DFOY Agent of Change highlighted below. We also encourage you to follow DFOY on social media to see more content from our activities, along with other DFOY programs. Just click any of the social media icons on the top right of this page to follow DFOY!

This year we have some new and exciting changes within our M.S.498 DFOY, with change comes new experiences that will be shared with our middle school participants. We plan to have exciting and fun activities that will be engaging for our participants. Our program is to inspire our youth to be the positive change they want to see in the world. There will be a monthly “Participant of the Month” & “Staff of the Month” to showcase the hard work and motivate others to reach for success. We will have several celebrations for the participants, staff & DFOY families to say thank you for the support of our program! We seek to create an educational, fun, and inspiring program. We want our staff, participants, and administrative support to feel appreciated for their efforts to make M.S. 498 the best program it can be.

Please feel free to reach out at any time! We have included our contact information below and look forward to being in touch throughout the year.


Address: 1640 Bronxdale Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462

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Quarterly Update

This month is our most exciting month — we will be celebrating the end of our first cycle on December 19, 2019! Our participants will showcase all of their hard work these past few months! They will show the leadership skills they have learned from our staff members and will lead hands on activities. We are so excited and very proud of them! We ask that all parents/guardians join in on our fun!. Please feel free to join us to help celebrate your children! This month we will also be having our Winter Wonderland on December 18, 2019 to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. To show our appreciation, we will have a gift giveaway for all DFOY participants! The day will also feature hands-on activities, sports, treats and so much more. Join us!

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Events Calendar

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Agent of Change

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    Agent of Change

    • Isabella Llantin: Isabella has shown dedication to helping each staff member throughout their activities. She is an amazing individual who always sees the good in each person. She always comes in with a smile & always gives her best. She deserves to be celebrated for all of her hard work — DFOY M.S.498 says thank you Izzy!!!!!
    • Eddynel Ovalles: Eddynel is always available to showcase his skills in helping others. He volunteers to do anything and his smile brightens up a room. He makes it his business to make staff and participants laugh! Thank you, Eddynel for making DFOY M.S.498 an exciting program!
    • Ms.JuJu: This month Ms.Juju has created countless decorations & centerpieces for all of our events! She brings her unique styles of teaching and creativity to program every day. She shares what it means to be an artist and motivates other participants to embace their own creativity. Ms.Juju is a wonderful instructor & a great artist! Thank you Ms.Juju for bringing your flavor to M.S.498 DFOY!!!!

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